#OldhamHour common site issues

I thought I would have a look at the websites of some of the participants of #OldhamHour and see if I could come up with a couple of common issues that they should address to help them improve their digital marketing efforts. Time constraints meant I kept the survey to 15 websites and 34 checkpoints […]

How to find relevant followers on Twitter and which hashtags to use

Thanks to @ianteamspirit for suggesting this blog post, he wanted to understand how to find relevant followers on Twitter and which hashtags to use. Before I get started, a word of caution: Twitter is pretty limited, certainly compared to the opportunities offered by Facebook and some other social media platforms. Personally I use Twitter to […]

Email marketing benchmarks for 2016

Email marketing is still one of the most popular digital marketing channels and for many companies, the only regular activity they participate in. This isn’t surprising given that a well nurtured, correctly obtained email database can deliver the best ROI of any marketing activity around. There are lots of articles published on how to get […]

Digital Marketing Blogs

A common phrase heard in meetings with my clients is ‘before you spend any money, see what you can do to help yourself’.There are hundreds of digital marketing blogs dedicated to providing endless amounts of information on the subject, but nobody has time to read them all. I always recommend the following 3 blogs to my […]