Digital Marketing Services Offered

Digital Consultancy and Coaching

I provide both consultancy and coaching in digital marketing, often both at the same time. Although I do some consultancy on long term retainers, my aim is normally to provide you with tools and training required so that you or your team can eventually work on your own. Find out more on the links below: Digital Consultancy Coaching and Training

Digital Health Checks

An independent view from an experienced digital marketing professional. I provide a holistic view of your current digital marketing activities, what you are doing well and what needs attentions, as well as providing tips and advice for the future. Get a free, no obligation quote here.

Agency Management

Many business owners decide to farm out their digital marketing requirements to agencies so they can concentrate on their own strengths. However, there is always the concern that without proper supervision, agencies won’t deliver the best results possible. For a small retainer I can act as in-house marketing director, monitoring agency performance and driving the best return on investment. If you want to discuss this option, drop me an email – [email protected]