Digital Marketing Consultancy

Saddleworth Digital is an experienced digital marketing consultancy based in Greater Manchester, UK, and serving clients around the world. We provide bespoke consultancy services to suit your needs, for however long you need us.

Our aim as consultants is to provide clear, transparent marketing advice, sharing the tools, skills and knowledge you need to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level.

Why use a digital marketing consultancy?

Working with a digital marketing consultancy can give you an expert insight into how to grow your business through marketing. It will help your business stay at the cutting edge of digital marketing tactics, giving you a competitive advantage to stand out from the crowd, while freeing up your time to focus on the things that you do best. 

We work closely with all our consultancy clients to really get to know their businesses. This means we can offer a personalised service that helps you achieve your goals. A good consultant will be fully invested in delivering meaningful results, while offering a more cost-effective and hassle-free solution than hiring and training full-time staff. 

Digital Marketing Consultancy
Digital Marketing Training

What does a digital marketing consultancy do?

A digital marketing consultancy can embed itself within your business to really understand what it is you want to achieve from your marketing. Consultants can analyse your current activities, identify areas for growth and give you a fresh perspective on how you can gain maximum impact from your digital marketing.

They can prepare, plan and execute your digital strategy, train you and your team, and ultimately empower your business to better understand how marketing can help you hit your business goals.

Our digital marketing consulting services include: 

Digital strategy and planning

    • We will work with you to understand your business goals and current routes to market
    • Develop a robust and deliverable marketing strategy to help you gain maximum return within your budget
    • Identify the tools, resources and processes you need to execute the strategy effectively 
    • Deliver all training and coaching required to deliver that strategy, or advise on recruitment of staff or shortlisting of agencies as required
    • Help you monitor and review progress and ensure you are staying on course and that your strategy is still meeting your needs